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Our goal is to provide hope and inspiration to 2/3 of the world’s youth population in underserved, impoverished nations where surfing is a way of life, yet these children are unable to participate.  Since we are an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your tax deductible contribution will also provide appropriate swimwear, shoes, and other health care items as well as surfboards to empower these children to lead a life full of joy and belief in the human spirit.

About Us

Being fortunate enough to travel around the world on surf trips throughout my life, I have been inspired by children who have been less fortunate. While leaving a couple surfboards behind on each trip along with swim trunks, sunglasses, shirts, sandals etc; was a really good feeling, I knew there was more that we could be doing for more of these children who live in world class surf destinations that happen to be located in third world countries.

-Brad Flora

Surfing brings joy and a proper healthy lifestyle into these children's lives. Almost all of these groms already surf, and rip quite well at that. The problem is that surfing equipment isn't cheap, and way more difficult to nearly impossible to access in these areas of the world. With your help to get the proper equipment for these children to continue honing their craft, it gives them an opportunity to have a more positive future, and a chance to live their dreams.

-Surfboards for Kids International

With the staggering statistic of over 5.25 billion pieces of plastic debris polluting our oceans and beaches, it's up to us as human beings to try and be part of the solution and not the problem to remove waste from our beaches. Within our program we are teaching these children that a cleaner and healthier planet, is also a happier planet for all.

Above children from the drop off their bags of collected trash after a beach cleanup on the island of Carenero located in the caribbean.
Below, pro surfers and local children  from Eastern Indonesia, whom they have taken under their wings to do a garbage sweep on one of the most famous stretches of surfing beaches in Sumbawa before going for an afternoon surf.

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